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Community Power House Energy

Community Power House Energy

is a renewable energy solutions company that is forever reshaping how we, as consumers, interact with our energy companies. We bring the future of the energy industry to the NOW!

What we do at CPH is built around strategically creating win – win situations for commercial property owners, land owners, and the communities that we serve.

How do we soar above our competitors? Simple…we provide a solution that is most fitting for our strategic partner or “Prosumer” and either split profits with them or add to the Prosumer’s bottom line; by reducing energy cost.

All of this is done with little to NO money out of your pocket.



The Community Power House (CPH) Concept: This is solely for commercial real estate owners who have forty thousand SQ FT of space or more. We generate, meter, and sell the renewable energy to the local business. Should there be any access energy produced the “prosumer”, as we like to call them, shares in profit of that energy sold.

We not only build the renewable energy generation system and create a tailor made fit for the prosumers building… but we also will track all data, analyze the consumption/usage information, as well as maintain the renewable energy solution.

The E- Farm Concept: This is solely for land owners who have twenty acres of land or more to build a renewable energy hybrid system that utilizes one or more renewable energy solutions to create energy. This energy will be sold to the grid and profits will be split the land owner/prosumer. Each E-Farm will be monitored as if it’s a virtual powerplant. It will track, analyze, and gather data based on the production, consumption, and storage of energy.

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