C P H . E N E R G Y

Community Power House Energy


1.1 Vision Statement

The vision is to be able to feed 2,500 people or more who are hungry, homeless, or on hard times every week with the profits generated by our interconnected network of renewable energy micro- grids. This may sound outlandish or even out of touch for an energy company to make mention of feeding people on a weekly basis…but there is a strong correlation between the reduction of hunger, food waste, and the reduction of CO2 greenhouse gases. Because our overall theme here at Community Power House Energy is to create a positive impact on the Globe, we intend on doing that one person and one micro-grid at a time.

1.2 Keys to Success

  • Build a strong, active Board of Trustees for this initiative.

  • Ensure that solid strategic partnerships are in place to support the vision.

  • Design and implement strict financial controls and accountability.

  • Create strong systems that allow this initiative to grow seamlessly across the nation.


1.3 Objectives

  • Establish a way that we can link students who receive free and/or reduced lunches to our partners who will be able to provide groceries or hot meals to the student and their family.

  • Create a voucher system that allocates a specified amount to each voucher holder and debits the CPH Clamshell account to be when used.

  • Build a suitable paid staff and volunteer base

Organization Summary

The Clam Shell initiative is Community Power House Energy’s Socially responsible project. This is ultimately our WHY! The reason we are in business is to do our part in feeding those who are hungry, homeless, and on hard times. This project is the least we can do as we move toward a $100 Million dollar company. All efforts start with the first step…access to resources! Community Power House Energy is a new start-up company and will serve as Program Manager over, “The Clamshell Project”, (a non- profit organization to be established) which will help the hungry in a multitude of areas.

The goal of the initiative is to provide a frame work for hunger in a community looks like, provide a few simple solutions which can be used as the frame work for a city, and explore options for more dynamic public/private partnerships as well as for profit/nonprofit partnerships. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness will be utilized in our model to ensure that this process and frame work will be utilized correctly as we expand.

2.1 Summary

Through the Clam Shell Project initiative Community Power House Energy is building strategic alliances that it will be working closely with in 22-25 major cities across the United States.

***Please see the addendums

2.2 Legal Entity

Community Power House Energy is a Corporation not a 501(c)(3) not for profit entity. However, a 501(c)(3) will be established. Until that happens, CPH is actively seeking a public/private partnership.

                                                                          REMARKS FROM THE FIELD

“I was once told by a previously homeless man that he avoided contact with the general public because he knew how his presence would offend them in his unclean state.”

“Imagine how this mindset dis-empowers the homeless. Not only does it keep them from seeking gainful employment, but they also avoid taking care of their personal health. This initiative hopes to change this for the homeless…”

                                                                                Addendum 1

Alliance #1

Empowered Inc. respectfully requests the consideration of your foundation assistance for program extension support. Your funding will assist with empowering communities who have lost hope because of traumatic experiences and have succumb to substances abuse, mental health, criminal activities, unhealthy lifestyles leading them to homelessness.

Empowered Inc. was established in 2014, with one goal in mind committed to helping others overcome life’s challenges. Many of us have our own stories about hopelessness. As the founder of Empowered Inc., I went through significant loss and grief because of traumatic experiences. I lost my job, my home, my car and most of all my dignity. I became hopeless and helpless and I was at the verge of becoming homeless. However, by the grace of God, I became mindful and was able to see another perspective of life which motivated me to push through the poverty and gain stability and reach self-sufficiency.

Problems no matter how major or minor, can sometimes be too difficult to handle alone. At Empowered, Inc. in Baltimore, MD, our goal is to offer a helping hand to people who need a partner in overcoming life’s challenges. In 2014, the total homeless population in Maryland was 7,856 individuals. Baltimore City has a 145.1% Juvenile Arrest Rate, 40.6% Domestic Violence Rate and 36.1% Avertable deaths (http://www.baltimorehealth.org/dataresearch.htm). 1 out of 5 (110,468) Baltimoreans will experience a mental illness each year (NETWORK of CARE). 13,000 people live with HIV with 500 new cases (Katrina Bush 6:58 PM, Feb 5, 2015). From physical to emotional concerns, we are equipped to handle a wide range of problems
concerning wellness.

Established in 2014, the mission of Empowered Inc. is to equip communities with the tools to moving forward when it seems the odds are against them. They work to connect communities with the appropriate resources to meet their individual needs. These tools are created from a holistic approach by addressing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness which is adopted from the (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, 2012). The eight dimensions of wellness aspects include: emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual, and environmental factors.

Since its inception, Empowered Inc. has delivered mobile services to communities in Baltimore utilizing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness through providing free workshops and counselling which has employed a holistic approach to empower individuals to gain a clear understanding of his or her present situation and identify areas of life that need improvement. In addition, one learns how to take small, simple steps to improve each of the areas as well as enhancing one’s health, well-being, lifestyle, and ability to succeed.

They currently have the capacity to enhance the quality of life to lower social economic communities through an expansion of our structured environment. With your help we will be able to develop a “wellness home” providing wellness drop in services for the homeless.

Given a space, Empowered Inc. can provide a “wellness home” in a needed community with a vision of putting a wellness home in each community of Baltimore city. A wellness home provides a therapeutic nurturing, non-judgmental environment where homeless individuals in the community can work on stability and individualized self-sufficient goals. Individuals would succeed in accomplishing their goals by working on acquiring emotional, social, financial, spiritual, physical, occupational, intellectual and environmental wellness.

The wellness home will also offer nutritious hot meals, hygienic aids, educational resources, counselling, primary and urgent medical care, and transportation to helpful resources. The “wellness home” will have operable staff to oversee day to day operation and case management services that we offer onsite or referring them to outside services. This will assist our clients with physical and medical services, mental health, legal, employment training, family reintegration and other obstacles that prevent successful outcomes.

We provide excellent services with dedicated staff and volunteers to those who are desperate and in despair. Empowered Incorporated’s highly qualified team consists of a certified family nurse practitioner, licensed professional counsellors, certified addiction counsellors, certified peer advocates, financial planners and other volunteers committed to serve.

Your funding will thereby assist our organization with employing a holistic lifestyle to homeless communities in Baltimore who are desperately in need of Eight Dimensions of Wellness, a concept that promotes quality living by embracing several facets. We deeply appreciate your consideration of our request and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alliance #2

Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc., a 501 C3 not-for-profit organization has been in existence since December 2009. Since its formation, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. has helped youth and families by offering transitional housing, workforce development training, case management, and referral coordination to its program participants. Kevin Cares Foundation’s mission is to empower youth and families by offering educational programs and services to help individuals become productive and self-sufficient.

The organization has helped many people from different walks of life, from resume writing to providing food and temporary shelter.

For, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. believes in combatting the “HUH” in life through offering comprehensive services such as intake, case management, financial literacy, counseling, housing, employment training, placement and retention services. “HUH” stands for homelessness, unemployment and hunger. When one has no home, he or she does not have a foundation, a place to lay his or head. When one is unemployed, one does not have the financial means to pay and support the foundation. When one is hungry, one does not have the strength to think nor feed one’s motivation. For he or she is constantly in a survival mode because the necessities of life are jeopardized.

In Spring 2010, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. partnered with Father’s Care Program: Tapp program to offer homeless men free workforce development training. Program participants could learn how to be an Environmental Service Technician, Carpet Cleaning Technician, and or Food Service Worker. This program provided six weeks of training and job placement assistance, 15 hours of weekly training. It covered resume writing, mock interview preparation, Americans with disability act, sexual harassment, and hands-on training. In addition, counselling services was offered by the sponsored organization.

Hence, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. has adopted Maslow’s theory. Maslow’s Theory has suggested that human beings have a hierarchy of needs and those are needed for one to thrive.

Furthermore, the leadership of Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. has experienced homelessness at first hand. With the proper tools and education, leaders were able to over homelessness.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, “On a single night in January 2015, 564,708 people were experiencing homelessness — meaning they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program., an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. It is the goal of Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. to offer wrap-around service, workforce development, transitional housing, and permanent housing to youth and families.

In order to expand services and the delivery of services, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. needs adequate funding to support programs and services for Maryland, DC, and VA residents. With proper allocation of funds, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. can help empower and mobilize individuals in the community.

As a precondition for the success of other strategies to eradicate homelessness, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. will network with other providers and develop a task force to strengthen workforce service, mental health and substance abuse services in the DMV. Increase coordination between mainstream supportive services and providers of housing. In addition, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. will provide training and resources to providers for development of treatment and housing teams to wrap services around permanent supportive housing. Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. will provide training and technical assistance to program participants in obtaining benefits homeless individuals are entitled to receive, including Social Security disability and other benefits, to ensure that they are obtained at the maximum entitlement level without lengthy delays.

In sum, Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. is your one-stop non-profit resource center that offers array of services to combat homelessness, unemployment, and hunger.